Adapting from Experience, Innovating for the Future.

WGL blends the wisdom and expertise of a storied history with technologies and forward-thinking solutions to power a better energy future.

Where We Are Today

Present Day

WGL is your trusted source for energy answers. We provide natural gas, electricity, green power, carbon offsets, distributed generation and energy services. Our calling is to make energy easy—for our employees, our community and all of our customers.

$23 Million in 30 Years

WGL is honored by the Salvation Army in 2014 for its 30-year commitment to providing energy benefits to the Washington D.C. community through the Washington Area Fuel Fund.

A Sustainable Future

WGL offers wind, solar and other renewable energy to customers like the U.S. Army, National Geographic Society, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Perdue Farms and the Department of Homeland Security.

Growth and Dividends

WGL Holdings Chairman Terry McCallister rings the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange in 2010 to celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary on the exchange.

1,000,000 and Counting

In 2004, WGL added its one millionth energy customer. Between Washington Gas and WGL Energy, the company now offers products and services in 25 states.

Where We've Been

In the Beginning

WGL was founded in 1848 with a goal of improving the quality of life in our nation’s capital. Over the past 165 years, we’ve been an integral participant in the spectacular growth and progress of both Washington D.C. and the country as a whole.

A First for D.C

WGL (formerly Washington Gas Light Company) receives its founding charter from Congress in 1848—the year the company lights the first gas lamp on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol.

Growing Up Fast

At the turn of the 20th Century, WGL serves 30,000 customers in a city of 350,000 residents rapidly adopting early innovations such as electric lighting, automobiles and movie cinemas.

Going Public

By the mid-20th Century, having weathered two world wars and the Great Depression, WGL becomes a publicly listed stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Birth of Green

In 1988, WGESystems (now WGL Energy) is organized as a division and subsidiary of Washington Gas, dedicated to energy conservation and providing renewable energy solutions such as solar power.

Where We're Going

The Future of WGL

WGL thrives by finding answers to modern energy problems. With a focus on adaptive innovation, we’re constantly using the stability, experience and institutional knowledge of a long history to create new solutions well into the future.

Our Vision

WGL is the preferred source of clean and efficient energy solutions that produce value for customers, investors and communities.

Clean Energy Answers

With a diversified energy portfolio that includes fuel cell servers and other advanced energy technology, WGL dedicates every day to making better use of nature’s resources.